Mythological Step One

Starting is the Great Separator” -John Maxwell

Maxwell, author of Put Your Dream to the Test, asserts in his blog that the only obstacle that will always keep us from success is not starting. I think sometimes that the pressure to start can paralyze many. The remainder, often get trapped in what I call Mythological Step One.

Sometimes we can spend so much time and energy trying to figure out what step one is when in reality we are already on step five or six.

Step one would literally be, decide to dream. Seems simple enough. Step one is recognizing that there’s more to life that what you are doing. For some, the dream is as simple as getting a promotion or meeting the right person and starting a family. For others it could be becoming a home owner or purchasing a classic muscle car. The dream can even be something you dream for others. For example, putting a kid through college or buying your husband a boat. Wether your dream is to get healthy or build a legacy for your future generations, the first step is deciding to dream.

The next step, or step two, is also fairly simple. Decide what your dream is. If you are like me, there are many dimensions to the dream. If you are not like me, that is ok too. A good steady dream is worth going after too.

Step three: write it down.

Step four: hang it up.

Step five: look at it every day.

Pretty simple so far, right? Sometimes you may have a dream and the remaining steps to get there are fairly straightforward. But if you are a non-linear thinker, stop expecting a linear path to achieve that dream. Your path will be like you, out of the box.

The important thing to remember is just get started.

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