A Breaking Development

If your dream is going to come to become reality, it’s because you grow into it. Sometimes we feel as though we can’t do what our dream requires. That’s because we can’t. Not exactly as we are at this moment.

I know that seems to contradict everything you’ve been told about believing in yourself. You still need to have the mindset that you can do it. But add a footnote, that you will need to develop into the best version of yourself in order for this to take place.

The thing about self development is this: there will be those that can inspire and motivate you, but no one can develop yourself but you. It will be hard work and you can’t give up until you cross that finish line.

How do you develop yourself? My preferred method is reading books (rather listening to books) written by people who overcame what I need to overcome. Books written by those who have insight into the very things I struggle with. I know books aren’t everyone’s thing. Think of books like handheld mentors that you can keep with you every where you go. You can ask them questions at will.

For those of us that do not enjoy reading, you have options for podcasts, Ted Talks, blogs, etc. There are many options. I’ll list a few near the end. But you may also need to develop a new skill, learn a new language, or pick up new workout routines. Make no mistake, you may not need to speak Esperanto for you new career or in order to do your job. But you may need it to be the most creative, fulfilled version of yourself.

Wether it is pulling your bike out of the garage, decluttering your digital spaces, etc conduct an inventory of your inner life and discover what could make it better. Then go do it. Your dream is waiting.

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